Deposit Guide

If you are a member of ACMAC then we would like you to deposit preprint copies of your articles and conference papers on our preprints server by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Create a PDF
  2. Register with the repository (one time only)
  3. Deposit your preprint

Although this is not the entire guide it should be enough to walk you through your first deposition at the repository. Should you need further assistance or information please refer to the User Documentation area. Additionally, you can find Training and Tutorial Materials on the EPrints web site as well as all the latest documentation on the EPrints wiki.

Please note that you must comply with any restrictions on use you agreed with your publisher when signing the contract for your article. Therefore, we ask you to deposit preprints only. In all cases check your copy of the contract, or for a summary of standard conditions for each journal, check the RoMEO database. If a preprint is not available please DO NOT deposit copyrighted material. Instead please provide a link to the publishers web page.

1. Create a PDF

There are various ways of producing a PDF file and we provide guidance on several methods below. However it doesn't matter how you produce your PDF file as long as you create just one file and it is a faithful and accurate copy of the paper version of your article.

Normally, publishers do not allow you to archive their publisher-produced PDF (check RoMEO). Instead, create your own preprint version from the final version of your manuscript.

Since Word 2007 Mirosoft offers a "Save as PDF" option. Open your word document, click on the Office button on the top left corner, go to "Save As", then click PDF. This will save your document in a PDF format. You can get the add-in from here. In newer versions the option is embedded and you just have to go to "Save As" and select PDF.

For Mac OS X and Unix users who have used LATEX to produce your article, either do it directly through "pdflatex" or use the freeware application Ghostscript to turn a PostScript file into a PDF file.

Please make sure that the names of you PDF files follow the ACMAC format (e.g. "acmac-xxxx.pdf", where "xxxx" is the "ID" number. If the "ID" number has less than four digits then please add leading zeros in order to have a four digit number) as described below in the Deposit your preprint section.

2. Register with the repository (one time only)

  1. Go to the Create Account page and register your email, name and other details
  2. The system will email you requesting confirmation of your registration
  3. Activate your registration as instructed in the email
  4. Fill in your personal details

3. Deposit your preprint

The depositing process is very straightforward. The important steps are described below. If you need more information on any of these steps you can check the Depositing Process at the User Documentation area.

Please DO NOT start unless you have prepared everything as described below in order to avoid the insertion of empty entries in the database.

  1. Login and then click on "New Item". The system will provide you automatically an "Article #ID" which will appear on top of the screen (e.g. "Article #32")
    It is useful to have the following information to hand:
    a) a PDF-format version of your full article
    The PDF file must be named as "acmac-xxxx.pdf", where "xxxx" is the "ID" number (if the "ID" number has less than four digits then please add leading zeros in order to have a four digit number). "ID" is the number after the "Article #ID" which is automatically generated by the system. For instance if your "Article #ID" is "Article #32" you have to name your PDF as "acmac-0032.pdf", if it is "Article #103" the name has to be set to "acmac-0103.pdf" etc.
    b) the full title & author list for your article
    c) the publication details for your article
    d) the abstract of your article (not mandatory)
  2. Upload your PDF to the PrePrint repository
  3. Fill in the required details (author, title, date etc.)
  4. Review your submission details and change whatever you think it's necessary
  5. Your submission will be checked and, after a few days, will appear in the public repository. In any other case you will be informed