Collapse Transitions in Thermosensitive Multi-block Copolymers: A Monte Carlo Study

Rissanou, Anastassia and Tzeli, Despoina and Anastasiadis, Spiros and Bitsanis, Ioannis (2014) Collapse Transitions in Thermosensitive Multi-block Copolymers: A Monte Carlo Study. The Journal of Chemical Physics, AIP Publishing . (Submitted)

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Monte Carlo simulations are performed on a simple cubic lattice to investigate the behavior of a single linear multiblock copolymer chain of various lengths N. The chain of type (AnBn)m consists of alternating A and B blocks, where A are solvophilic and B are solvophobic and N = 2nm. The conformations are classified in five cases of globule formation by the solvophobic blocks of the chain. The dependence of globule characteristics on the molecular weight and on the number of blocks, which participate in their formation, is examined. The focus is on relative high molecular weight blocks (i.e., N in the range of 500 – 5000 units) and very differing energetic conditions for the two blocks (very good – almost athermal solvent for A and bad solvent for B). A rich phase behavior is observed as a result of the alternating architecture of the multiblock copolymer chain. The comparison among equivalent globules consisting of different number of B-blocks shows that the more the solvophobic blocks constituting the globule the bigger its radius of gyration and the looser its structure. Comparison between globules formed by the solvophobic blocks of the multiblock copolymer chain and their homopolymer analogs highlight the important role of the solvophilic A-blocks.

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Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
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Date Deposited: 08 Jan 2014 13:10
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